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Droidshots is a family owned commercial drone service in Franklin MA specializing in aerial imagery and creative solutions. Using cutting edge drone technology, we can help our customers effectively market their properties, record build progression, and protect their assets.

Aerial real estate drone photography by Droidshots
Real estate photo of a home taken by drone
Drone photo of a house in central Massachusetts for real estate purposes
Home construction progression drone photography for house near Franklin MA
Overhead construction site view
Aerial photograph of a commercial construction site in central Massachusetts

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Commercial Photography & Videography by Certified Drone Pilots in Central Massachusetts

As FAA Certified Drone Pilots, and while adhering to strict FAA guidelines, we safely and professionally control a drone or unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with a camera. This allows us to capture stunning aerial footage from a "Birds Eye View". A drone can take images from many heights and different perspectives and can capture images and video from as high as 400 ft above ground level. This makes them very versatile.

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Droidshots can help you market your business or show off your property in stunning fashion. Using the latest in drone technology we can help you set yourself apart from the competition.

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